Tuesday, 9 June 2015

My water cycle explanation

How does the water cycle work?
The rain comes from clouds to the ground. Then the sun comes and makes the water evaporate from the ground into the air. The water that has evaporated from the ground is now in the air and turns into little droplets of water. Now that they are little light droplets they now get turned into clouds. Now it is a cloud  it makes a  big cloud and little drops of water  comes out of the big cloud. They now go everywhere where it is raining like the city, jungles, oceans and waterfalls.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Smart strong passwords

We have been learning to create a strong password and make sure our Google account  is secure.
1. Make sure when you go to a computer that is not yours sign out  before you go away or someone might
look at your things and they can know what you are doing and know your email address.
2. Make sure that you make a strong password, if you do an easy password a robber might hack into your account.
3 Don't do your pet name, address and your family name because it is easy to hack in to your email  address.